Leading Learning and Teaching?

I am about to teach an online unit called ‘Leading Learning and Teaching’. The unit has invited me to question how does the formal leader  lead learning.  Teaching seems a simple enough conceptual understanding, however pragmatically complex. Maybe it means leading teachers to find out if learning is happening. Any ideas?



2 thoughts on “Leading Learning and Teaching?

  1. In my experience the formal leader does little to lead teachers. They generally outsource to experts and spend most of their time on other school activities. I believe teachers want to be led by someone more knowledgeable than themselves as they understand teaching is complex and ever-changing. Mostly formal leaders allow leading teachers to perform this role however I believe they would enhance their “values and beliefs” leadership and therefore credibility to lead if they were much more involved themselves.

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  2. I guess the challenge is that when in a leaderhsip position the leader may lose currency? Maybe their teaching self efficacy lowers? Interesting research to undertake I think James. You raise an interesting idea here.

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